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What is WaxOnEdge ?

WaxOnEdge is a cutting-edge trading platform designed specifically for advanced users seeking a seamless and efficient trading experience. The platform boasts a comprehensive set of features, including swap trading aggregation, smart order routing, in-depth market analysis, and an advanced trading desk.

Key Features:

  • Swap Interface with Smart Order Routing:WaxOnEdge provides users with a user-friendly swap interface that seamlessly integrates all three main decentralized exchange (DEX) protocols on the WAX blockchain, namely Alcor, Taco, and Defibox. Thanks to its smart order routing, users can now effortlessly swap any tokens and enjoy the best prices for their desired swap pairs. This eliminates the need for multiple manual transactions, reducing potential losses.
  • Fee Structure and Liquidity Support:The platform operates on a fee model, charging a nominal 0.3% fee on swaps. These fees are utilized to cover operational costs, support WAX blockchain tokenomics, and provide liquidity for various WAX projects, bolstering their respective ecosystems.
  • Aggregated Larger Swaps:To optimize user experiences, WaxOnEdge introduces a unique feature that aggregates larger swaps. Instead of executing orders solely from a single trading pool, the platform splits orders into multiple pools to minimize price impact, ultimately securing more favorable prices for users.
  • Advanced Trading Desk:Trading on WAX can be cumbersome for advanced users engaged in daily trading activities. WaxOnEdge addresses this issue by offering an alternative trade interface, effectively simulating a "perpetual market." Users can easily manage their orders, track balances, and view their Profit and Loss (PNL) on the platform. Moreover, market orders are intelligently redirected to pools, ensuring users receive better prices and experience minimal slippage, even in low liquidity scenarios.
  • Comprehensive Market Analysis:The platform provides an exhaustive list of all tokens available on the WAX blockchain, complete with crucial trading information such as token prices, price changes, trading volume, last trade time, and Total Value Locked (TVL). Users can access detailed pages for each token and market, facilitating in-depth technical analysis. Additionally, the platform enables filtering and sorting options, allowing traders to spot significant volume trades and monitor wallets with high trading activity.

Used technologies

  • Nuxt

    Build your next Vue.js application with confidence using Nuxt. An open source framework under MIT license that makes web development simple and powerful.

  • Leap

    Leap is a C++ implementation of the Antelope protocol. It contains blockchain node software and supporting tools for developers and node operators.

  • Hyperion

    Hyperion is a full history solution for indexing, storing and retrieving Antelope blockchain's historical data.

  • Docker

    Docker is a platform designed to help developers build, share, and run modern applications. It handle the tedious setup, so you can focus on the code.

  • TradingView

    WaxOnEdge uses TradingView technology to display data on charts. TradingView’s sophisticated tools and versatile data help dive into market research on a new level. You can track your favorite assets such as WAXP USDT on charts and watch their key stats to stay up-to-date on where crypto markets are moving.

  • Redis

    The open source, in-memory data store used by millions of developers as a database, cache, streaming engine, and message broker.

Contact information

For any request, send an email to contact at waxonedge.app